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Dr. Keri Francl

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor in Natural Medicine

Hi! My name is Dr. Keri Francl. My road to optimal health has been a long journey. As early as age five, I had ongoing ear infections, along with sinus infections and tonsillitis. After a tonsillectomy, the basic issue was fixed; however, because of inflammation in my body, I began to struggle over the next twenty to twenty-five years with ongoing digestive issues and hormone imbalances. In my twenties, I had severe allergies, to the point, where I couldn’t even go outside and smell the grass! By age twenty-seven, I had my fourth child. My body was weak, and I had exhausted my immune system.

In middle school, my parents took me to a chiropractor who worked with nutrition. This was the beginning of my road to healing. When I was married at age twenty, I was introduced to homeopathic remedies, herbs, along with nutrition such as vitamins and minerals, through my mother-in-law. I began to learn all that I could from her and use this form of natural healing. Through my healing adventure, and helping others, I have learned a lot about these nutritional avenues of health. I have also learned how to boost my immune system, ultimately healing allergies as well as balancing my hormonal levels.

Why am I passionate about full-body health? Because I know that the path to optimal health is all about eating right, proper exercise, detoxification, and nutrition.

In 2012, I made the decision to go back to school. I enrolled at the University of Natural Medicine. Three years later, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Science. I obtained my Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition. Through my schooling, I learned all about the foods that can benefit the body with proper nutrition and what foods are harmful in breaking the body’s immune system down. I also learned about detoxification, and how to help the body detoxify while building the immune system and how specific nutrition can help aid the body in the healing process.

In 2017, I continued my education for my Doctorate in Natural Medicine. I have completed this and am now a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor.

Along with my schooling, I have twenty years of experience with homeopathic remedies, herbal, and nutritional supplements. I am an Advanced Nutrition Response Practitioner and specialize in Quantum Nutrition Testing.

Alexis Bio

Alexis Schuck

Certified Medical Assistant, IMAET and Quantum Nutrition Practitioner, Office Manager

Hello! I'm Lexi, and my journey into natural health began about 8 years ago. As a child, I struggled with frequent illnesses, especially strep and various gut issues, without ever understanding their root causes. My health challenges led me through numerous rounds of antibiotics, colonoscopies, and other lab tests before I discovered the guidance of Dr. Keri.

I was introduced to Dr. Keri through a referral from a local massage therapist. At that time, Dr. Keri was a Nutritionist working towards her Doctorate in Naturopathy. My Celiac diagnosis during this period left me feeling overwhelmed and sick. At this time, I did not know how to transition into a gluten-free diet and I struggled with symptoms like stomach pain, chronic fatigue (often sleeping over 12-15 hours a day), brain fog, headaches, joint pain, and chronic bruising. Thanks to Dr. Keri's expertise and support over the years, I've been reclaiming my health and vitality.

In 2020, I returned home after working as a Medical Assistant in oncology in Omaha and found my calling at Alternative Answers. This job has been a blessing in more ways than one, and I believe it was meant to be a part of my journey.

Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my family, embracing the great outdoors, and anything sports, especially watching football. I also have a passion for attending concerts and racing events.
At Alternative Answers, I wear many hats. I am trained in Quantum Nutrition Testing and operate our IMAET device. As a Certified Medical Assistant, I handle all blood draws in the office and assist Dr. Keri in various aspects of the business.

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Annette Holzinger


Hello! I'm Annette, and it is my privilege to serve at Alternative Answers.

Meeting new people and assisting our patients brings me joy. We have the best patients!

Previously, I have enjoyed front desk and accounting positions in various healthcare settings, including in the hospital, pregnancy care center, and physical therapy.

Because of two kind souls pointing us in the right direction, my journey with Alternative Answers started as a patient, where my husband and I found relief from COVID symptoms under Dr. Keri's care. Impressed by the excellent treatment, I joined the team when a position opened up.

Outside of work, my husband and I enjoy serving in the ministry God has given us through Bible Studies and other activities in the church. We love investing in people and being involved in the lives of our two grown children and their spouses, along with our 3 grandsons!

I enjoy hobbies like reading and learning new skills such as crocheting, gardening, and furniture refinishing in my spare time as it allows.

Judy Bio

Judy Landers

Pastor for Saving Hearts

Hello, I'm Judy Landers, and I'm here to collaborate closely with Dr. Keri Francl in guiding you towards your health and wellness objectives. Whether or not you choose to consult with Dr. Keri directly, I'm dedicated to assisting you in attaining improved health and holistic well-being encompassing your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Together, we'll embark on a journey of inner healing grounded in faith-based principles. This process involves addressing issues such as unforgiveness, past traumas, and strongholds that may be impacting your life.

My background includes specialized training in Sozo ministry, under the mentorship of an experienced practitioner with over 30 years of expertise in inner healing. Additionally, I hold ordination through Mission Vision International, completed two years of Bible College through INSTE, and pursued one year of School of Ministry. With over eight years of experience as a fitness instructor, being a licensed EMT, and a diploma as a medical office assistant, I bring a comprehensive understanding of healthcare to our sessions. Furthermore, my expertise extends to fitness and exercise.

I firmly believe that genuine healing stems from achieving freedom. Without addressing the root causes of ailments, our bodies cannot fully heal, potentially leading to the development of strongholds that disrupt our entire system. As intricately designed creations of God, our bodies function harmoniously, with the heart at the core of this system.

My personal journey towards specializing in inner healing began during a period of profound darkness in my life, encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles. Overwhelmed by feelings of shame, insecurity, hopelessness, depression, and isolation, I found myself unable to break free until I embraced inner healing. It was a transformational experience that saved my life and ignited within me a deep passion for helping others find similar healing.

Combining my expertise in inner healing with my background in fitness, I am deeply committed to ensuring that your body operates optimally as intended. Allow me to guide you towards discovering the missing key to achieving and sustaining your health and wholeness.

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