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IMAET System

The IMAET was designed and created by Dr. Bernard Straile.  It is a biofeedback device used by healthcare professionals in assessing energy imbalances present in the body’s organism, such as allergies, emotional trauma and immune challenges. The feedback feature helps in achieving genomic stress management, energetic harmony and balance with an epigenetic focus.

This is a biofeedback device used for all body processes and healing.  This is quantum physics, balancing gene expression, correcting and balancing food sensitivities and allergies, plus sensitives to specific vitamins and minerals.  There are over 26 panels that we used that focus on all body parts: brain, heart, respiratory, lymphatics, digestion, allergy panel, pathogen panels, emotions panel, gene expressions, animal panel (yes we can work on your pet!), homeopathic panel where we can create homeopathic remedies customized to you, and so much more.

Dr. Bernard Straile explains it the best in this video:


The IMAET is used for our in office and distant patients.

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