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Lyme Disease

My personal story about Lyme Disease….

In the summer of 2006, I was outside mowing my yard. I happened to look down and noticed a tick on my stomach. Without thinking about the proper way to remove a tick, I pulled it off and kept moving. After finishing up I went inside and started to feel a little “rough.” I sat down in my living room chair and had the most excruciating muscle pain in my legs. As the minutes went by, the pain began to creep all over my body. At that time, my mom-in-law owned and operated Alternative Answers. I called her for help since I had three younger kids and wasn’t able to move off of my chair. She came to my house armed with all kinds of homeopathic remedies and herbals to give to me. We tried one homeopathic remedy for bacteria for about 45 min, and since there was no change with that one, we tried a viral remedy. Still no effect on my symptoms. After using kinesiology to test me to several other different supplements, I tested to a Lyme kit. She then asked me if I had seen a tick on my body, to which recalled pulling one off while mowing. We started the first vial from the Lyme kit, and within minutes my symptoms had disappeared!

Since this time, I have eight years of schooling under my belt. I studied rigorously about Lyme and what it takes to heal the body. This past year I received my certificate of expertise in Lyme disease and currently treat several patients with Lyme. Some infections are worse than others and everyone responds differently to various treatments and modalities. Here in my practice, I offer a variety of modalities and supplementation for Lyme.

Programs that I offer:

Silver Package (for online patients): One year program for $4,000 plus cost of supplements used. Average cost of supplements for one year is $4,800. Prices do NOT include the cost of labs because every patient is different and may need specific testing based on their health needs. Each lab test does not exceed over $400.

  • NES Scan with a distant scanner purchased (included in program cost)
  • Doctor’s fee for 1x monthly visits and review of scan interpretation
  • Email support during the healing process
  • Food plan
  • Facebook support group

Platinum Package: One year program for $4,000, plus the use of the Superhuman Protocol $3,588 (essential for mitochondria health, reduced inflammation, reduced pain, overall wellness) ($10,000 value!). The Superhuman Protocol is critical to implement and will result in a quicker recovery process. The average cost of supplements for one year is $4,800. Prices do NOT include the cost of labs because every patient is different and may need specific testing based on their health needs. Each lab test does not exceed over $400.

    • NES Scan and interpretation
    • HSR Graph and interpretation
    • Doctor’s fee for 1x monthly visits
    • Email support during the healing process
    • Up to 3x weekly in-office visits for our Superhuman Protocol
    • Food plan

Facebook support group

Patient Testimonial

When I came into Keri's office I weighed 83 lbs and hadn't felt right for quite some time. I felt full all of the time, even though I was only eating small amounts. I was also very emotional and just felt off. Everyday tasks that used to come naturally for me, had become difficult due to a low energy level. After losing almost 40 lbs in 3 years(9 months of that time I was pregnant) and not getting the answers we were looking for, my husband heard about Keri on Angie Rose's radio show. He had me call the next day. We had decided to meet for the free consultation and were ready to try something new. 2 months into the NES wellness program I had already gained 2 pounds! It was gradual at 1st but by the end of the 6 month program I had gained almost 15 pounds! After 3 years of absolutely no weight gain I am very pleased with the progress! Not only has my appetite and overall digestion improved drastically, my memory has improved and my emotions have balanced out. Plus I am able to maintain a healthy energy level again, which makes everyday life much easier! Keri helped me with my health goals by helping me find supplements that helped support my overall health. She also helped me make some necessary dietary changes by using Kinesiology. Keri was very kind and supportive starting from our first phone conversation! She has been very understanding and willing to answer any questions I had on my wellness journey. She is also very dedicated to helping people like me who need support in their overall wellness! I would definitely recommend Keri to anyone who is wanting to enhance their overall well being.

Client Kathy R

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